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The girls are always smaller than the boys, right? No, sex doesn't matter.

I know your talking puppy said that they are best for older children, would a 5 year old be too young? I know that they are not to be picked up because they are top heavy and can be dropped easily by children. Is that the only concern or do they not tolerate children well? Oh yes, my Frenchies LUV little kids. My Frenchies are very playful and people oriented. They would much rather be with people than other dogs as you can see how excited they get when I just say "Hi" to them leaning over their pen. Yes, the biggest worry is that because of their small size they are easy for small children to pick up and thus drop. You don't want any spine injuries; or any other injuries for that matter. Like all puppies they can be exuberant in their play. You would need to teach your Frenchie that your little boy isn't another Frenchie pup. They tend to look on little people as litter mates. Teaching deference to your puppy from day one is very important. Their listening to you could save their life sometime if they were heading into danger.

Are the minis any different than the traditional Frenchies, with the exception of size? What colors do you typically have? Is there a difference in price for different colors or sizes? Health and temperament are up to the breeder and what they want to reproduce in their puppies. There seem to be a lot more health problems with those real large ones. They also tend to not be very active or athletic. Like all breeds you can get  some very nasty temperaments. Since all of my dogs fall within or under the light weight class, there really isn't a lot of difference in any of the pups I produce. I still get all the same health tests for the adults and reproduction is still expensive. I don't own or produce any large Frenchies or pieds due to personal preference. No price difference for colors except blues, prices mainly go by size. The smaller, the more rare and more expensive.

Would you recommend a boy or girl? Is one more laid back or easier going? I think the opposite sex to the owner is always preferred for some reason, no matter the dog breed. I haven't found there to be any difference in potty training as you have seen on the puppy cam. Females can tend to be a bit more independent which makes sense since they have the babies.  Males are like little boys their whole lives. Anxious to please and play. Definitely "Mama's Boys. They both want to be with you all the time. As for other differences, there really aren't any. Every Frenchie has their own personality. Everything has to do with the parents and their personalities and then of course how they are raised. You can read and look at the various descriptions of the adults and decide who you want your dogs’ parents to be, but you really can't go wrong with any of them as your pups parents. All of my Frenchies have fantastic temperaments and fun personalities. They are much more athletic, but that may just be my Frenchies. I have been told by other breeders they are the exception not the rule. This may be due to their smaller size and the fact they don't have breathing problems. I know they are much healthier with no elongated soft palates or breathing problems so common  in the breed. All of my Frenchies are still alive and healthy at this time. I don't know if being smaller also increases their life span, it looks like it might.

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Fun Stuff ~ Jesse playing with the Frenchie pups slideshow>

< Blue Lacy playing with 4 week old Frenchie pups video. Slow getting going, but very cute once they do. The resulting slideshow of all the flashes in the video is the link above.

Pedigree is just 50% of what I look at in a planned mating with similar/spectacular bloodlines. The other is what the dogs look like. You want as close to type as possible for a very uniform litter of as close to perfect as it is possible to get. SO many breeders get a half way descent boy and then breed it to some ugly bitch that they don't even bother to have on their website for people to see because it is so bad. With so many bad breeders breeding this popular breed you will often come across this. If a dog isn’t featured on their website with many pictures (can’t really tell from just one or two) for you to thoroughly check out, do you really want a puppy from him/her? Sometimes you can tell by looking at litters how different or uncomplimentary the parents were to each other. You will see one ugly Frenchie and one very nice Frenchie pup. There really isn't a pick of the litter for me. Pretty much all are show quality so I choose mainly for what color I need to add to my program. Since all are gorgeous and healthy it comes down to color preference and watching them on the puppy cam to see which puppy personality you prefer.


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Harley introduces his daughter to the fine art of chewing wood which catches on quickly.           


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These two litter sisters are the result of breeding Zoe (pictured left) to Carson a regular sized cream Frenchie boy. Obviously the cream on the left takes after Dad and the brindle on the right takes after Mom.
Zoe next to gallon of milk for size reference.



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I have a fantastic health guarantee and my Frenchies live long, active, healthy lives. They come all done with vaccinations, micro-chipped, AKC registered and well on their way to being potty trained for grass, potty pads and doggy doors if they are big enough. Mini Frenchies at 3 months old are still too small to be able to push a doggy door flap open or climb through.

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