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Weight –The original standard written in 1897 called for a mature dog to weigh no more than 22lbs and a mature bitch no more than 20 lbs.  In 1911 the standard was revised and two weight classes were created; light weight of under 22 lbs and a heavy weight class of 22 lbs -28 lbs.  These classes remained the standard until 1991 when the classes were combined and the weight limit is no more than 28 lbs. Some European bloodlines get up to 35 pounds or even more. My personal preference is for dogs on the very small side as Frenchies are a companion breed and should thus be able to fit comfortably on your lap and be easy to pick up. All of my dogs fall into the light weight class with minis at 14-17 pounds and pockets at 13 and under. Pictured above is myself with two of my mini adult Frenchies.

It is easy to see why puppy mills and other breeders prefer to breed the much larger Frenchies that produce two to three times as many pups. Yes, they can drop the price as a result, but who wants a Frenchie that you can't pick up or you wouldn't want on your lap? Let alone the many health issues associated with those Frenchies. My average litter is three pups. If I have a singleton I break even with breeding cost.




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mini frenchie

*^ Zoe, now retired. Just 12 pnds she did fantastic in the show ring.

I really enjoy having litters and little ones running around so I spend a lot of time playing with and enjoying them. They are just so cute and they always make me laugh with their antics. I try very hard to share this with their new owners with lots of pictures. This age is so fun! Until about 2 weeks they are very cute, but it is like having a Christmas present you can't play with! After 4 weeks the real fun begins. My Frenchies are all very loving and have great personalities. A lot comes from the fact I start with good parents, but I am sure all the time I spend with them has a huge influence. The strong bond I build with them gets transferred to their new owners. I also start my puppies out with the "Super Dog" program developed by the military, so they can become all that they can be. It makes for smarter, faster to learn and better all around puppies. Whether you are going to compete or just have a buddy isn't it nice to know your little companion is living up to their full potential with the best start possible? 12 weeks is roughly equal to 2 1/2 years of a humans life. Is it any wonder bad habits learned during this time are so hard to get rid of? The first 12 weeks are the most important time of your dogs whole life, shaping your dog for the rest of his or her life.

The Only Pocket Frenchie Breeder In The World~!

I'm currently the only breeder who is breeding PUREBRED French Bulldogs of this size and it has taken me many years to get them down to this size without compromising on health or looks!! Don't settle for shortcuts with a cross bred dog, there is nothing like a purebred French Bulldog. Any small Frenchies you run across are runts or preemies and not actually bred to be that small. There is a difference health wise. I breed only Frenchies of true Frenchie colors including the dilute gene for blue fawns and blues. I do health testing on my Frenchies including the full Frenchie DNA panel which tests for all the Frenchie genetic health issues.
*16 pnd Bluebell with pocket Frenchie to right and above is pocket Frenchie at 3 months getting his vet visit in order to fly to new home.
All Frenchies are AKC and have very impressive pedigrees ~ including Grand Champions and Champions who are champions in multiple countries and some of the best French Bulldog bloodlines in the world. All Frenchies are of the AKC breed standard and the many wins they get in the show ring proves I adhere very well to the breed standard. The mini Frenchies I produce are 14-17 pounds. The pockets are even smaller like these two little boys at left. Both are just 2 pnds at 9 weeks old here. Expected to be just 9-10 pnds full grown.Both of their Sires are doing fantastic in the AKC show ring in California with their handler Anthony Groth. The fawns Sire has 12 wins to date 6/15 (Bandit). The cream boy's Sire (Merlin) won a major his very first time out with his handler at just a year old.

Pockets or Tea Cups, whichever you prefer to call them, can look a bit odd as pups, but they sure do fill out and grow into their heads when they mature~!! Below is Elvira, she will be joining our breeding program Spring of 2017. She will be mated to a cream boy her same size for a whole litter of extreme pockets. Her Dam is Deserae and her Sire is Harley Jr..

mini french bulldogs

There are a lot of breeders breeding the much larger Frenchies that are a bit like Frenchies on steroids. Along with many more health problems, they get the much larger litter size which is why they prefer them. They also have a lot different temperaments. My Frenchies are very playful, love everyone, usually love water and love to play ball. They are very food motivated and easy to train. They are lap dogs,

small enough to fit there and no problem to pick up. None of my Frenchies have breathing problems or snore loudly. They are all from show quality and healthy adults. My average litter size is 3 pups. The huge Frenchies you see around have as many as 8-10 pups in a litter. With the smaller size comes a higher mortality rate of around 30%. The wait for one of my pups after placing a deposit is usually 6 months, but can be longer for pockets.

We have some very nice French Bulldogs and are producing very sound, healthy puppies. When we have confirmed puppies we will announce to everyone through our news list. Since I don't breed often it is too difficult to know who is still interested in a pup, who has moved on or who is just browsing. I will discuss placing puppies with those who respond in order of response. A puppy is not a sure thing until a deposit has been accepted.

A quality French Bulldog Breeder that focuses on bettering the breed with limited dogs and a small, private, breeding program. Pups or mature dogs may be available from time to time. All are usuallly show quality since both parents are show quality and Champions themselves. Be sure to sign our French Bulldog Puppy list so we have your information to notify you of available puppies as they become available.


The hardest part of breeding is retiring one of our Frenchies. I wish we could keep them all, but then sooner or later we wouldn't have any puppies for you. Retiring a Frenchie into a carefully selected home means we are able to keep our numbers down to a select few that live in our home with us, since we do not have a kennel situation. We believe Frenchies thrive better in a loving, caring environment as a member of the family rather than a doggy jailhouse. I look for homes where they are an only child  or one of two dogs so they can continue to be spoiled and get even more attention than they get from me. This is a gift that as a responsible breeder I can give to my adults once they have produced incredible puppies to benefit the breed.

No adults available at this time.


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PICTURED are three mini boys who will be 13-15 pnds full grown.

This can change quickly, so please check their Facebook page, mobile website from cell phone or join the news list to receive alerts when a new pup becomes available. Pups are usually all spoken for by the time they are born, so be sure to get your deposit in early if your heart is set on one of my puppies. I breed with the goal of perfection with every well thought out, planned mating. My goal is to produce the next perfect lightweight or mini for a wonderful pet home. I do not place ANY of my pups with breeding rights to be bred. French Bulldog puppies with an incredible, loving temperament; who are also so healthy and free from the health issues so common in this breed that they can compete in Flyball, Agility or just run and play fetch. Almost all of what I am producing is show quality since both parents, grandparents etc. are of show quality and from show/Champion bloodlines. I have put a lot of time and planning into producing Frenchies that are not only perfect little minis, but also free of all the health issues so common in the Frenchie breed. All puppies are placed with spay/neuter contracts, limited AKC registration and are not allowed to be bred.



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